27 Essays and Thoughts on Degrowth

By Giorgos Kallis
Edited by Aaron Vansintjan

Now available in paperback.

The idea of degrowth is contentious, often misunderstood, and (perhaps paradoxically) growing in popularity. In this book, Giorgos Kallis, one of the movement's leading thinkers, presents an accessible, inspiring, and enjoyable defense. The book's chapters—a compilation of his opinion essays, newspaper articles, blog posts, and 'minifestos'—range from topics such as eco-modernism, the history of economics, science fiction, the Greek crisis, and Hollywood films. The book also features debates and exchanges between Kallis and degrowth detractors. In defense of degrowth is intended as an introduction for the curious, a defense against the skeptics, and an intellectually stimulating conversation for those already convinced but willing to learn more.

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Praise for In defense of degrowth

“a mix of engaging commentary, bold analysis, and creative policy tools certain to deepen your thinking.” Naomi Klein

“..crafting novel economic imaginaries and feasible frameworks for an age where, literally, everything has to change” Arturo Escobar

About the author

Giorgos Kallis

Kallis is a citizen of Greece, professor at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, publisher of over 50 peer-reviewed journal articles, and an active member of the group Research & Degrowth