Table of contents


Part I: The degrowth alternative

  1. For a radical environmentalism
  2. The degrowth alternative
  3. The Left should embrace degrowth
  4. Let’s be less productive

Part II: Against eco-modernism

  1. Political Ecology gone wrong
  2. Why eco-modernism is wrong
  3. Tweeting with the enemy

Part III: Rethinking the economic

  1. The battle for Harvard, or, how economics became economics
  2. For a Political Ecological Economics
  3. The Wolf of Wall Street and the spirit of capitalism

Part IV: (De)growth, capitalism, and (eco)socialism

  1. Is there a growth imperative in capitalism?
  2. Socialist growth is an oxymoron

Part V: Politics and policies

  1. Yes, we can prosper without growth
  2. Spanish Keynesianism without growth?
  3. The right to leisure
  4. Fridays off
  5. Barcelona’s new commons
  6. The “sharing” economy is not a commons
  7. A Pope for degrowth
  8. A society without growth: The planet of The Dispossessed

Part VI: Conversations

  1. The degrowth debate Fourteen responses to “The degrowth alternative” Response: In defense of the degrowth alternative
  2. Will trees grow in a degrowth society? Outgrowing the twin simplifications of growth and degrowth (Andy Stirling) Response: Why we need degrowth (Giorgos Kallis)
  3. Is degrowth a compelling word? “Degrowth”—a problematic economic frame (Brian Dean) Why degrowth has outgrown its name (Kate Raworth) You’re wrong Kate, degrowth is a compelling word (Giorgos Kallis)
  4. Will degrowth be voluntary or involuntary? A very optimistic version of Degrowth? (Brian Davey) In defense of a Mediterranean spirit (Giorgos Kallis)

Part VII: A view from the South (of Europe)

  1. The growth curse. How the tigers became PIIGS
  2. Extractivism, the Greek way
  3. Islandizing the city

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